Turn Your Dementia Into a High Performing Machine

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    <br> Hazrat Mohammed Adam is an 80 year old Fijian Indian male who suffers from dementia. Pouring over old photographs and asking the dementia patient to share stories from the past are excellent activities for dementia patients. As the dementia becomes worse, symptoms are more obvious and interfere with the ability to take care of yourself. According to surveys cited by the authors, 60 percent of households with an individual with dementia were found to have one or more firearms. Scientists have long found a possible link between anticholinergic drugs and an increased risk of dementia. One recent report found that more than two of every three caregivers scored high on a test of depression. The MoCA is similar to a more commonly used test called the mini-mental state exam (MMSE). Psychotherapy or group therapy usually does not help because it may cause more confusion. Eating a low-fat diet and exercising regularly may also reduce the risk of vascular dementia.<br>
    <br> You can reduce the risk of vascular dementia, which is caused by a series of small strokes, by quitting smoking and controlling high blood pressure and Diabetes. Medications may be needed to control behavior problems caused by a loss of judgement, increased impulsivity, and confusion. There is no treatment to repair damage to the brain caused by small strokes. The goal of treatment is to control the symptoms of dementia. It’s our goal to make sure that your loved one is comfortable and happy while in our care. Medicare Advantage, a Medicare option that partners with private insurers to provide customized care, is expanding its definition of “supplemental benefits,” and will allow assisted living and memory care communities to be officially designated as a beneficiary’s “home.” While the program won’t cover the entire cost of living in these residences, it can potentially save a good deal of money by paying for various aspects of living in assisted living or memory care. While the disease was eventually named after Alzheimer Association Certification, its underlying causes remain a mystery. PreventionMost causes of dementia are not preventable. And you may also wonder: What causes it? Hearing aids, glasses, or cataract surgery may be needed. Certain drugs may be used to slow the rate at which symptoms worsen.<br>
    <br> The benefit from these drugs is often small, and patients and their families may not always notice much of a change. Symptoms can take time to appear, and significant damage may be present before a person visits a doctor. Signs and testsDementia can often be diagnosed with a history and physical exam by a skilled doctor or nurse. Music accesses different parts of the brain than language, so music can be used to communicate or engage with someone who has been diagnosed with dementia, even if they no longer speak or respond to other people’s words. Incidentally, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease many years ago. Effective pharmacologic management of Alzheimer’s disease. The 66-year-old actor, widely known for his starring role as Keith Partridge on the 1970s series The Partridge Family, reveals to PEOPLE that he is fighting the memory loss disease. DefinitionDementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. A health care provider will take a history, do a physical exam (including a neurological exam), and perform some tests of mental function called a mental status examination.<br>
    <br> The health care provider may order tests to help determine whether other problems could be causing dementia or making it worse. You may struggle to recall how to do tasks you’ve done for many years. Examining a photograph provides a clue to her identity; a familiar piece of music might recall an important person in her life. These professionals follow certain conditions and make sure the person has the best quality of life possible, given the situation. It is rare in people under age 60. The risk for dementia increases as a person gets older. Causes, incidence, and risk factorsMost types of dementia are nonreversible (degenerative). Tombot and another companion robot company, Ageless Innovation, are trying to fill that gap with lifelike robots that don’t break the bank. Sometimes, family members are glad to help and simply need to be directed as to the logistics of how, what, and why.<br>

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